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   R.I. Outhouses Today
   Released April 6, 2017
    132 pages, 200 color images
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​Raymond A. Wolf, is a lifelong resident of Scituate. He is a member of six local historical societies and was featured as the initial Member Spotlight of the R. I. Historical Society quarterly publication in the spring of 2012.  Wolf retired from T J Maxx in 2010, after 13 years, to pursue writing books full time. He has since gained a passion to record this history that is being lost as the older folks are passing on. On October 1st, the Rhode Island State Grange honored Ray, Citizen of the Year - 2015.
 Rhode Island Outhouses Today & Rhode Island Outhouses Today II & III
​     Rhode Island Outhouses Today and Rhode Island Outhouses Today II books (and now book III) each have over 150 outhouses in 200 plus full color photos of Rhode Island privies. Research says over 500 years ago, the outhouse originated in Europe. As people began traveling between villages, the inn keepers built ladies and mens outhouses. Because most people at the time were illiterate they used symbols to differentiate the two. The sun or star for men, the crescent moon for ladies because a full moon would have resembled a sun. The cutout in the door also allowed much needed light to enter.
     Quite a few have been well maintained by their owners while others have been restored including vinyl siding. No outhouse was bypassed due to its condition. Sorrowfully, Father Time is taking his toll, rotting the ones that unfortunately do not have caretakers watching over them. They are falling down, soon to be gone forever as Mother Earth takes over.

​Columbus Day Weekend October 2019
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  Updated July 11, 2019
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Add Ray's latest  Publication to your collection
R.I. Outhouses Today II
  Released June 6, 2017
   132 pages, 200 color images

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R.I. Outhouses Today III
Released October 29, 2018
135 pages, 200 color images