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Facts About Wolf Publishing 
     Have you ever wondered why Wolf Publishing books are just a wee-bit larger than Arcadia's Images of America seriesThe reason is: because our print is 20% LARGER for easier reading. Many of our customers have said they really like the larger print. They find they have less straining on their eyes.
     Wolf Publishing has held the price on all full color books at $21.99.
     All Wolf Publishing books have more than Arcadia's 128 pages.
     All Wolf Publishing black & white books sell on this website for $18.69.
Now you know. Visit our Store to Order any of Ray's autographed books.
     A Bicycle Odyssey
     Full Color
     $21.99 + tax
     144 Pages
      Route 66 Today
      Full Color
      $21.99 + tax
      134 Pages
Diary of Love Poems
$18.69 + tax
164 Pages
Elvis Presley
Full Color
$21.99 + tax
134 Pages

The Lost Village
of Rockland
$18.69 + tax
150 Pages
Famous People,
Family & Friends
$18.69 + tax
198 Pages

       G  R  A  M  M  A ----------------- L  A  R  S  O  N ----------------- R  E  M  E  M  B  E  R  S ----------------- S E R I E S
World War II    &   Shirley, His Only Love
       Released September 18, 2015
$18.69 + tax                 $18.69 + tax
140 Pages                   132 Pages
             Updated January 1, 2017
Diary of Love
Poems II
$18.69 + tax
224 Pages
   RI Diners Today
   Full Color
   $21.99 + tax
   140 Pages
Her Friend
$18.69 + tax
205 Pages